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Neville G. Ferguson, Sr. My grandmother Charlotte Parchment affectionately known as "Aunt Charlotte", lived a full life of 92 years and was a great woman of valor. She knew what life was about: no one left her house with an empty belly (stomach) without hearing her saying I love you, and without getting a hug. She touched the heart and soul of everyone that met her and she would always leave you laughing.

The way my grandmother loved, I was told her mother had the same affection and I saw the same transended to my mother. They may have expressed their love for mankind in different ways and in their prespective time and place. I thank God for putting people in place, which create opportunities for me to express my love likewise.

As I reach out to these children in St. Elizabeth, St. James and other parts of Jamaica, and the world at large, under the foundational name "Aunt Charlotte Foundation", please join me in carrying on her legacy. Thanks, in advance, for your unfailing love and support.

In the Master's Service,
Neville G. Ferguson, Sr.

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